The Importance of Great content for SEO

The Importance of Great content for SEOImportance of Great content for SEO

Content is the King of the internet, the days are gone when search engines used to show the result of search queries on the basis of the number of times a particular keyword has appeared on the website. But now, it’s not like that at all, mainly because this thing caused a lot of keyword stuffing and spam in the search engines and on websites as well. Which resulted, users were not able to get what exactly they were looking for. Because web crawlers are now so advanced to catch any website having those bad stuffs  and that’s why optimizing your website in respect of content is the most important thing and for that you need to higher a SEO service provider in India, to get the right things done for you.

The main reason that great content is important for SEO is that it is what the search engines are looking for. The goal of all search engines is to provide the best results that they can for the people who are doing the search. That means that they want to send them to the sites that have the best content. Therefore the better your content the more likely it is that it will rank near the top of the search results and get lots of visitors.

Of course the goal of the search engines has always been to provide good content in the results; however anybody who has done SEO in the past will know that this has not always been what has happened. For most of the history of search engines the most important thing for ranking well was to get lots of links pointing at your site, content was clearly of secondary importance. To a certain extent this is still true but the search engines have gotten a lot better at determining which sites have quality content. The result it is that it is far more important in the rankings than it used to be.

The other reason that great content is important for SEO is that the goal of optimizing your site for the search engines is to get visitors to your site. If you have a site that is nothing but keyword stuffed content people are going to have no interest in visiting your site and they won’t stay even if you do end up ranking. There is some pretty clear evidence that if people are quickly leaving your site it will hurt your search engine rankings which is another reason that you need to provide good quality content.

The good news is that it is much easier to provide great content on your site than it used to be. For a long time keyword density was a critically important factor in ranking. This made writing hard since it was necessary to cram the keyword in a specific number of times; this usually led to some very awkward sentences. These days keyword density is no longer a major factor in ranking your website. That means that you can for the most part write like you would naturally. The search engines are much better at figuring what your site is about than they used to be.


Now your own turn, what do you do to Great content for SEO of your blog? just follow above tips AND tricks and get Great content for  your Blog


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