Lead Distribution Software Explained

lead distribution software boberdoo.comIf you are wondering about that lead distribution software, you should know that it is actually a ping post software that distributes leads to your clients. But if you are like most people, you are probably wondering how it all works. Well, you donít need to worry because, in this article, we are going to walk you through the basics of ping post software or that lead distribution software.

How Does Lead Distribution Software Work?

It basically works this way: When you install the software on your system, it parses the most information on your system so that only a snapshot of the information is sent to your client. Ideally, you would have a database of clients that contain extensive information on a particular lead. If not, you should have a high-traffic website that gathers information from website visitors. The ping software then narrows the information based on the parameters set by your client and then sends or pings the information to that client.

The client will then decide whether or not to pursue the lead. If he does decide on pursuing, he clicks on a button that will command the ping software to fetch the complete information on your servers and put it in your CMS software.

The process may seem like a long time to complete, however, you would be surprised to know that it only takes a matter of seconds to complete an action between a leads generator and a leads buyer.

Ping post software has been around for years now, but it has only been mostly used in the following areas: insurance, car distribution, and home improvement. But as the technology improves and lowers in price, we should be seeing more sectors using ping post software.

But of course, this prediction is based on the premise that there are enough people who are focusing their efforts on generating leads for their clients. As it is right now, and as we said earlier, ping post software is mostly used in generating leads for insurance agents, car dealerships, and home improvement contractors.

There are two types of leads generators that use ping software. The first group does lead generation exclusively for a client. The second group gathers as many leads from different sources and then sells them to different people as well through a bidding system that tries to increase the price of one lead.

Some companies you may look into for this software are CallFire, Boberdoo, Twilio and LeadGeneration.